Sharing Your Problems with the benEz

Special Page for you

where you can share your problems with me

and maybe we can get some solution of that


because every problem has its reason why it has to arrive in our days


for its reason there are the answers will come as results


maybe it’s difficult

it’s okay

just sharing it with me

for a clue


everything will be really kept in our mind only

and totally confidential


what kind of problems?

well, anything

love, health, private, friends, family, financial, or even sex

well i don’t warrant you the best solution is offered to you




but maybe

there will be a way or something


just to show you

even we never met before

there always


who wants to understand you


  1. hello there
    i don’t know why i’m doin this,but i hope i’m not making another mistakes
    there is this guy, i met him in myspace, i’m not sure who is it.but after a while getting in touch. finally we met.
    then is that so miserable of me
    if i think i’m in love with new guy in a few days
    who is exactly actually stranger for me
    for a hint
    i think i felt it just in 3 days

  2. dear stella
    thank you for aharing a thought

    by the way
    it doesn’t make any mistake by sharing like this

    first of all
    every people has its parameter to be involved in a thing such a love
    maybe some of us need the intimacy
    some of us
    feel the chemistry then they thought this is it

    but in many cases
    doesn’t come always in the same pattern
    its’not love
    maybe just somekind of emotion or an accomplished feeling

    it isn’t wise to say what you has done as mistake
    you have to take it slow first

    since a thing named love known as a complicated deep feeling relationship between two individuals

    it means you won’t make a mistake

    just take a slow step

    think it wisely and objectively

    take a few more dates

    take a few more sharing time

    then maybe it will make up your mind

    whether this is a LOVE

    OR just emotion

    but if you ever watch


    tells about a man named TED
    desperate for hunting his future wife
    in flash back story
    which is told to his future children

    on the pilot
    it’s been told that Ted discover a perfect woman in McClaren bar
    have a date
    and it only make him say
    ‘i think i in love with u’
    in the firstm date

    and yeah quite strange
    because maybe we assume that as an emotional statement

    but then
    in the next 8 months it seems he really love her

    we never know


    it is important
    to hold your feeling until the right time

    to say

    ‘i think i’m in love with you’

  3. apakah ada perbedaan hasil kadar ureum darah menggunakan sampel serum dan plasma???
    apakah pemeriksaan labnya dikerjakan dan dihitung kadarnya secara spektrofotometer?

    mohon bantuannya…

    Trima Kasih… ^_^

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