The benEZ Himself

A General Practitioner

who concern about Psychiatry Matters and Humanity Aspects of Life.

A free Thinker


stay in his own Principe of life

Loves to write down his thoughts and idea.

Sharing it with other in care and warm smile.

Talk soft spoken way.

Sing it out loud in technique.

and many dreams to be chased

Stay Focus, Keep thinking, Be free to be you.


  1. looks like a hardworker :)?
    btw ko penelitian banyak di Palembang?
    lam kenal ya.. 🙂

  2. hai fita
    lam knal jg
    penelitian yg wajib sih ada 2 x periode pada waktu pre klinik
    selebihnya ya
    hanya menambah pengalaman n pengetahuan saja
    alumni mana nih?

  3. nice blog.
    salam dari klikharry

  4. haloo Ezra.. wah mantap banget nih websitenya..

    • wah thank you windy…

  5. good…bisa buat conto q bkin KTI nih…

  6. haloo kak eben, blognya kok jarang apdet? salam dari Unsri..

  7. Hai dr.benez, salam kenal,
    btw skr prktk dmn?
    Mo tanya info PPDS Gizi neh di UI,

  8. Kak eben, salam kenal.. Saya irma kak unsri 2003. Boleh minta nope nya kak? Mo tanya buanyakkk ttg ppds UI. Bole ya ko^^

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