Dracula: Myth, History, or Just Psycopath


Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’.
Photo Courtesy of reellifewisdom.com

There are so many stories about Dracula. maybe, almost everyone  have read that or even watch the movies.

An Awful scariest creature?

Dracula has been taken from the novel of Irish author named as Bram Stoker. The Novel popular at 1897. The main character is Vampire Count Dracula.

NOWDAYS, Dracula has been transformed into other media. many play at the theater or even cartoon. but refer to the history itself, Radu Florescu has been written on his book ‘ In Search of Dracula’ together with Raymond McNally in 1972, that Dracula has connection with a Transylvanian who was born at Romania. His name is Vlad II Dracula.

“Vlad the Impaler” is said to have killed from 20,000 to 40,000 European civilians (political rivals, criminals, and anyone else he considered “useless to humanity”), mainly by using his favorite method of impaling them on a sharp pole.

Vlad III is revered as a folk hero by Romanians for driving off the invading Turks. His impaled victims are said to have included as many as 100,000 the Muslims people  in Turk.

So it is a history and the story?

well, there are two side of story referring to Dracula. the history which is what have you read above. and the story of Dracula from the novel of Bram Stoker.

So, maybe Bram Stoker has been inspired by the history.

So Nothing Special about it?

It is depend on how do you see it. For me it is kinda interesting topic. If  I can say that the Vlad III (referring the story of Romanians’ People), The person might need help at that time. I have ever read the some source, but i’m not sure is it right or not?, that the Vlad III had tortured animals with his style (stabing the victim from the anal to the head with one stick) since many years before the war at middle east.

I remind a movie about torturing animal. Halloween, A Rob Zombie Film, there was a child who came from an awful family. His father is an alcoholic, his mother a stripper, his older sister looks never like him.  he starting become a murderer by insulting the animal, and ending it by becoming a psychopath killer.

On behalf of Psychiatry side point of view, his situation of early living has been a big factor of the growing of his mental disorder. Now, let us compare to the story of Vlad III who also has been called as Dracul. Well i’m not sure for the fact of how his living situation at his early stage of life. But, if the story of Vlad III is a TRUE based on reality even, so in my opinion maybe there was something happen which was induced his mental situation which was tranfered into what he was.

The term Psycopath itself, referring to a psychosis (mental disorder) which is transformed to the act of the person who has it, by killing people or other which is not induced by adequate stressor to do it.


Ezra E. Soleman, M.D

(from Many sources)


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