ABSTRACT: Pemakaian Rebusan Daun Kumis Kucing (Orthosiphon stamineus) Sebagai Diuretika dan Beta Blocker dalam Pengobatan Hipertensi


Student of Faculty of Medicine Sriwijaya University, Palembang, Indonesia*

Nowadays, hypertension becomes the source of many sicknesses, which will bring long life medication to the patient. Since available medications cannot solve this problem perfectly, people change their way of medication back to the traditional medication. Although many traditional medications are provided, not all of them have such as medication combination for hypertension therapy like Orthosiphon stamineus. This offer becomes interesting because the price is usually cheaper than modern medication and also has minimum side effects. This plant also has beta blocker effect besides the diuretic effect. These effects are caused by a substance called methylriparichromene A.

Methylriparichromene A in this plant has two effects as hypertension medication. The diuretic effect of this plant will eliminate the body fluid, but the difference with the other diuretic that this extract has high level of potassium which means the body will not lose much potassium as the other diuretic does. For the second effect, this beta blocker will involve in metabolism of renal and heart. That means the vascular will be vasodilated and the heart rate will not be faster than before. This extract of cats’ whisker will also cure the people with secondary hypertension by curing the primary sickness such as diabetes mellitus, gout, and others. It is Important to notice that the way to make this extract and also the way of consuming this medication will influence the results of this therapy. This paper suggests that cats’ whisker should be as an alternative therapy to control hypertension.

The paper has already been honored as the first champion of University Student Science Paper Competition in Region A (Sumatra, Banten, DKI Jaya) Indonesia. and has laready been the Finalist of National Paper Competition The year of 2004


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