Note for MD: Focusing your way to Residency program

Now, You are a general practitioner !

what will you do?
answer it now…

still confused?

oh dear
Many things you can achieve


some of us choose get a job
maybe becoming private practice owner, 24hours clinic GP, or else
some of us trying to raise a number of fund by doing PTT in remote area or become an outsourcing doctor or else
and some of us join Army or Police academy for many reasons


as a matter of fact

most of us basically think about upgrading our knowledge, skill, and degree
and of course social status and its consequences
residency program


at the first
most of us think about joining such of those program in Indonesia
while other who thought there many chances is offered by other country of
let say
might be
cheaper or easier to get it
outside of Indonesia

let us discuss about in Indonesia itself

the question is

what department tend to be your future specialization?


Many basic answer for those question
to whom still confused to make a decision
maybe this tip can give you an inspiration

first of all
think about the ability of yourself
by considering this point of view
Academic ability:

including past history of your specific department’s score, the ability to prepare the written test
Field of interest: did you enjoy while you are in that department?, will you?


in order to make easier way to get that residency program


for living cost, school tuition, research’s fund, etc


including, will you ready for that high tension in work, on call status, physical risk, nosochomial infection, time for pleasuring ourselves will be limited, etc

Vision of Future: if you close your eyes now, what happen with you next 5 years? imagine it! GO!

if you already got a clue about it

next question is…

Where do you want to accomplished your idealism?


Let’s clue directing you

based on what reason?
– the best department in that university?
the best in Indonesia? the best in the place you already have graduated the MD?

– the only department you like?, the only university which has that department?, the only university that affordable? the only university which still has values in several specific aspects?

– the place you already familiar? the place so comfortable to you?, the place nearby your house? the place where many adventure and benefit will be advantages?, the place with low risk in many sector?

How was it?

some of you who is thinking practically will not agree with me
it’s fine
it’s up to you


when you don’t give a clue to you idealism
or maybe you don’t even have idealism

be careful

it’s not that easy

but never let your thought only focused on one thing
because maybe you will lose another chances which may still available for you



open your mind

hope you will find out your next step


by dr.EZRA E.S


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